Professional autism spectrum test

/ For the English speaking users. This test is chargeable, takes more time and has more complicated questions to complete. This test is an official test, which is also used by specialists. The test result is much more meaningful when it comes to deciding whether you should make a professional diagnosis or not.

IMPORTANT: Only a specialist who has years of experience diagnosing autistic people can make an official diagnosis. Even though this professional test has a good basis, a positive result does not mean that you are 100% on the autism spectrum. Only a specialist can determine that.


Childhood Asperger Syndrome Test (CAST)

The test costs 2 francs.

Why do you have to pay 2.50 francs?

Life costs money.

Unfortunately, as an autistic person, my income is not very high, although I work 42 hours a week.

I have to limit myself in all areas of life.

Unfortunately, in wealthy Switzerland, autistic people are not really supported by the state.

Thanks to this test, I am able to improve my living situation somewhat.

On average, 2 people take a paid test a day.

I earn 160 francs a month with the tests. PayPal deducts 52 francs from these 160 francs as fees.

I have 108 francs of profit left.

It's also good for my soul when I get paid for the work I've done.

PS: With these 2 francs you don't even get half a cup of coffee in Switzerland.

I wish you the best of luck in filling it out.

Best regards


PS: the payment goes to my own small IT company (IT Grenzstein). I started this business so I could run small jobs every now and then and generate some income. My company and I myself are not rich. I earn so little money with IT Grenzstein that I'm not even liable for taxes, let alone employing staff. As a rule, all income goes directly back into the operation and maintenance of So please don't be surprised if IT is the limit when paying as the recipient. Thanks very much.